Frequently asked questions

Where is it recommended to place SANY SAFE in the room?2020-07-17T14:35:24+01:00

Sany Safe should be placed on the wall, it is recommended to choose a middle high point, which does not present obstacles to the uniform spread of the sanitizing steam.

Which is the recommended volume, frequency and intensity?2020-07-17T14:37:49+01:00

The volume of the room is an objective data and is linked to the dimensions (m3 = length x width x height) of the room that you want to sanitize. The choice of the intensity and frequency of sanitization are interrelated. If you set up a low intensity sanitization, it is recommended a daily activation, while setting medium, we recommend an activation 3 times per week, if you set an high intensity sanitization, it is enough one activation per week.

The type of sanitization chosen must not disregard the type of risk to which the premises are exposed; if the site had a sustained flow of people daily, it would be advisable to carry out a more important sanitization for frequency and/or intensity.

What are the sanitization times?2020-07-17T14:39:11+01:00

The timings of sanitizations are linked to the volumes set and the intensity of the sanitization chosen.

Extimated times of sanitization


Volumes Sanitization intensity
Low Medium High
Sany Safe L 60 m3 ~30″ ~9′ 30″ ~45′
120 m3 ~1′ ~30″ ~1h 30′
200 m3 ~15′ ~45′ ~2h 30′
Sany Safe XL 100 m3 ~1h 40′ ~10’ 30” ~35′
300 m3 ~10′ 30″ ~30′ ~1h 45′
600 m3 20′ ~1h ~3h 30′
How to feed SANY SAFE?2020-07-17T14:48:21+01:00

It is necessary to connect the 230vac current according to current regulations.

After how long is it possible to enter in the sanitized premises?2020-07-17T14:49:42+01:00

It is recommended to enter in the premises after at least 15 minutes from the end of the sanitization and aerate the rooms before staying there. If you should enter during or within the recommended time, you must wear a suitable Personal Protective Device.

Do I need special precautions if I install Sany Safe in an environment with crystal, steel or precious metals?2020-07-17T14:50:16+01:00

There are no particular contraindications and/or precautions, it is only recommended to place SANY SAFE in a point not too close to the objects (minimum 1 meter); the chemical solution used does not leave any residue on the surfaces.

Do I need special precautions if I install Sany Safe in a clothing store?2020-07-17T14:50:46+01:00

There are no particular contraindications and/or precautions, it is only recommended to place SANY SAFE in a point not too close to the clothes (minimum 1 meter)

Is it possible to install Sany Safe in a bar / restaurant / canteen / supermarket?2020-07-17T14:51:17+01:00

There are no particular contraindications and/or precautions, it is only recommended to place SANY SAFE in a point away from unpacked food.

Is the sanitising liquid used harmful to human health and the environment?2020-07-17T14:51:47+01:00

The chemical is studied to have a low impact on the environment and human health. It is recommended to avoid contact with eyes, may cause eye irritation.

What’s the liquid made of?2020-07-17T14:52:12+01:00

The sanitizing liquid has been developed for the daily hygiene of surfaces and objects in frequent contact with the hands, consisting of a 7% alcoholic solution, hydrogen peroxide (0.6%), distilled water (92.4%) and ensures effectiveness and excellent results in all conditions of use.

Are there any suggestions for storage of spare tanks?2020-07-17T14:52:43+01:00

It is recommended to keep the original containers tightly closed, upright and away from heat sources and direct sunlight. It is recommended to store them in well ventilated rooms at temperatures below 30 º away from open flames and heat sources.

If I may get in contact with the liquid, how do I behave?2020-07-17T14:53:19+01:00

The liquid is a low-alcohol solution, however it may cause irritation, especially if it comes into contact with the eyes. It is recommended to remove “contaminated” clothing and to wash the touched parts with water and soap. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and possibly contact a doctor.

Can I mix other products with Sany Safe liquid?2020-07-17T14:53:53+01:00

To ensure the effectiveness of the product and prevent the insertion of other components can trigger unexpected chemical reactions, we seriously recommend not to modify the original liquid.

Where can I place the tank?2020-07-17T14:54:24+01:00

The tank must be placed within 3 meters from SANY SAFE, upright and away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Are there restrictions on the transport of spare tanks?2020-07-17T14:55:15+01:00

As it is not considered a dangerous product, there is no transport restriction. Transport by land, sea and air is possible.

Once the tank is finished, where can I buy it?2020-07-17T14:56:09+01:00

The tank with the liquid can be purchased from your trusted supplier.

If I lose the “tank activation card”, who should I turn to?2020-07-17T14:58:11+01:00

The activation card, once the tank is activated, is no longer needed. We recommend to keep it together with the tank, until use. In case of loss, contact your supplier by sending a copy of the product label on the tank.

Where can I find the code (PID) to be entered on the SANY SAFE application to manage the device?2020-07-17T14:58:54+01:00

The code is shown on a label located inside the device and shows the wording “PID code” complete with bar code and alpha-numeric code. The application allows you to read the bar code directly from the app or even enter it.

When the SIM expires (after 2 years) how do I renew?2020-07-17T14:59:36+01:00

The renewal is carried out by contacting AVS ELECTRONICS directly or by purchasing a commercial SIM available on the market that allows access to the Internet for connection to the CLOUD (in this case it will be necessary to modify the network connection data by programming those provided by the supplier of the new SIM).

Can SANY SAFE, at the time of delivery, activate the fire protection system?2020-07-17T15:02:16+01:00

Hot vaporization makes the sanitizing liquid invisible and its delivery does not affect safety equipment such as fire detection systems.

Can I activate sanitization in the presence of people and/or animals in the premises?2020-07-17T15:02:36+01:00

It is not recommended to activate sanitization in the presence of people and animals in the premises; although not harmful, could create skin and eye irritation.