Effectiveness tested against Coronavirus Laboratory tests certify Sany Safe effectiveness against Coronavirus in compliance with the UNI EN 14476: 2019 standard. Find out the UNI EN 14476: 2019 certification Effectiveness tested against Coronavirus Sanitize in 1 minute The sanitizer that eliminates viruses, germs and bacteria, leaving your environments immediately operational. Find out why it is necessary Sanitize in 1 minute Automatic Sanitization The sanitizer that you can configure, program
and monitor independently,
without request for assistance.
Find out how it’s easy to use
A safe sanitization
for everybody
The SANY SAFE sanitizing detergent
doesn’t present any toxicity for people and animals.
Find out how it is efficacy
Long autonomy, up to 8 months The sanitizer that adapts to your needs, ensuring
a high sanitization efficiency even up to 8 months.
Find out how much effective it is
by App
Monitoring, configuration and management by APP Find out how it’s easy to use
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Viruses, fungi and bacteria:
invisible enemies,
but always around us.

Not only Covid-19. There are so many pathogens hanging around us.

We spend 22 hours a day indoors,many of them in the workplace or in public places. The recent pandemic from Covid-19 has made us more aware of how important is to maintain a high level of hygiene in our environments to reduce b>the risk of infection by indirect transmission. Without an accurate cleaning, viruses, bacteria and funginest in the air and on all surfaces, continuing to proliferate.

Working and living in a clean and sanitized environment is essential for our health, and those around us.

Bacteria per cm2 on a mouse

72 h
Covid-19 resistance on plastic

Indoor environments with microorganisms

The best solution to sanitize your environment in total safety and health protection.

Also in the portable Super Fast version.

SANY SAFE technology by

SANY SAFE steams a powerful sanitizing detergent, non-toxic, suitable for all environments that eliminates pathogens such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi both on surfaces and in air suspension, spreading in the environment invisible micro-particles able to penetrate even in the most inaccessible places.

A fully automatic solution for 60 to 600 m3 applications

Effective formulation against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

The World Health Organization in the report of Coronavirus disease dated 14 May 2020 with focus on “Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces” describes:

In healthcare settings, environmental surfaces include the surfaces of furniture and other fixed items (e.g. tables, chairs, walls, light switches, computer peripherals) as well as the surfaces of non-critical medical equipment. These surfaces should be frequently cleaned with water and detergent and followed by application of a disinfectant. Among the most common disinfectants used which have been demonstrated to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 are: ethanol 70-90%; chlorine-based products (e.g., hypochlorite) at 0.1% (1000 ppm) for general environmental disinfection or 0.5% (5000 ppm) for blood and body fluids large spills; or hydrogen peroxide >0.5%.

The virucidal efficacy of the sanitizing liquid used by Sany Safe is certified in the laboratory and complies with the European standard UNI EN 14476:2019.

Features & Benefit

Management, monitoring and control by App

Thanks to the SANY SAFE App, you can configure sanitization according to environment volume, intensity and frequency.
You can also schedule the automatic execution of sanitization or activate it manually thanks to the connection enabled by the SIM CARD included for 2 years or by Bluetooth.

Moreover, the application allows to know the autonomy of the tank to ensure the use and plan the replacement, once the liquid is exhausted.

Invisible effectiveness

Find out how, unlike other products that create unpleasant smog, SANY SAFE particles are invisible to the eye, but very effective.


Where is it recommended to place SANY SAFE in the room?2020-07-17T14:35:24+01:00

Sany Safe should be placed on the wall, it is recommended to choose a middle high point, which does not present obstacles to the uniform spread of the sanitizing steam.

Which is the recommended volume, frequency and intensity?2020-07-17T14:37:49+01:00

The volume of the room is an objective data and is linked to the dimensions (m3 = length x width x height) of the room that you want to sanitize. The choice of the intensity and frequency of sanitization are interrelated. If you set up a low intensity sanitization, it is recommended a daily activation, while setting medium, we recommend an activation 3 times per week, if you set an high intensity sanitization, it is enough one activation per week.

The type of sanitization chosen must not disregard the type of risk to which the premises are exposed; if the site had a sustained flow of people daily, it would be advisable to carry out a more important sanitization for frequency and/or intensity.

Can I activate sanitization in the presence of people and/or animals in the premises?2020-07-17T15:02:36+01:00

It is not recommended to activate sanitization in the presence of people and animals in the premises; although not harmful, could create skin and eye irritation.

Can SANY SAFE, at the time of delivery, activate the fire protection system?2020-07-17T15:02:16+01:00

Hot vaporization makes the sanitizing liquid invisible and its delivery does not affect safety equipment such as fire detection systems.

You can use Sany Safe in all the environments

  • Hotel
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping mals
  • Retiring and nursing homes
  • School buildings
  • Business and school canteens
  • Communal condominial areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • The food industry
  • Nursery schools
  • Openspace officies
  • Medical premise
  • Cinemas
  • Warehaouses
  • Gyms
  • Etc.


60m3 = 20m2 (ceiling at 3 metres)

SANY SAFE: Super Fast model

Duration of sanitation*:
~30 seconds

Type of sanitization: low intensity

Ideal for every patient change

120 m3 = 40m2 (ceiling at 3 metres)

SANY SAFE: model L

Duration of sanitation*:
~20 minutes

Type of sanitization: low intensity

Ideal for every course change

600 m3 = 120m2 (ceiling at 6 m)


Sanitizing duration*:

Sanitization type: high intensity

Ideal every night

Sanitization autonomy

It is possible to adjust the Sanitization Intensity based on the volume of the rooms (m³) and the daily at­tendance of people.

Suggested type of treatment Frequency
Low Once a day Workplaces with only the presence of their staff (E.g. factories, private offices, …)
Medium Once a day Places with controlled public attendance (E.g. public offices, hospitals, …)
High Once a day Places with uncontrolled crowds (E.g. bars, supermarkets, …)

*It is recommended to carry out sanitization in absence of people in the environment. Ventilate for 15 minutes before staying there.

A range suitable for any environment: from 60 to 600 m3

Choose the L or XL and 5, 10 or 25 liters tanks to sanitize your environment.
Available version with 2G or 4G GSM device of your choice.
Available portable version SANY SAFE SUPER FAST BT (Bluetooth) and 4G

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